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A 7DTD World

The Map

About the map

The map features a world where the apocalypse has destroyed most of humankind which in a desparate move tried to nuke the corrupted, also known as the zeds. These are the remains of a once flourish world slowely decaying away until nothing but desert remains.

- Note - Once completed I will upload a map containing all cities, for now you'll have to do with the heightmap.

The name Dregora's Universe goes a long way back to the start of my minecraft mod Dregora which can be found at Dregora's official website The reason why I chose this name is because the story was already written I just needed a time in which I would put this map and then create the enviroment accordingly.

If you are interested in the background story click here to scroll down The Lands of Dregora - Story

Where can I play this map?

Anarchy functions as the official server for Dregora's Universe as this map was made for this server. Feel free to join us on the discord and/or join the server through steam. You can use /claim to get your first claimblock but make sure to explore for a good location first! Also, try out /reward after voting for the server

Anarchy Discord Link
Anarchy Server Link

World Downloads – More coming!

The complete world pack contains prefabs that were made by Credits If you do not approve of me putting your creations within this pack please contact NLBlackEagle#7847 at the Dregora Discord here: https://discord.gg/8NBxYCD

Prefabs Download - For people to play singleplayer or put on a server

The Lands of Dregora, the story

The Dregorian's Universe (This Map) takes place in the late 2100's after the blight.

The year is 2116 and the world is at peace, not because we took a better path as there are daily riots and looting, but because the nations fuel reserves reached a point where they could no longer fuel the war machines. This was the moment where the world leaders shook their hands and initiated Project Arcturus with the goal to overcome the global energy shortage by extracting Zero point energy from their own universe, a source of power potentially dozens of times more potent than a Zero Point Module. However, the project suffered from a fatal flaw. By extracting zero point energy from their own space-time, it resulted in that region of space destabilizing, no longer obeying the normal laws of physics. With the creation of exotic particles inside this region no longer obeying the laws of normal physics, they interacted in ways impossible to predict, resulting in a runaway reaction in the containment chamber.

Without a lot of information to go on people now think the space-time has been bend and dimensions have molten together causing the effects of this disaster other then the shock wave to spread all over the world. Mutations, also referred to as Corruptions became a common occurrence from which even the inhabitants buried deep underground in their mighty concrete bunkers where not safe. As if this was not enough nuclear facilities started to fail, being damaged by the initial shock wave and released a ton of nuclear waste. An era passed as the descendants of the survivors where still alive within the deepest of strongholds powered by nuclear reactors, water recycling technology and state of the art food manufacturing.

Meanwhile a distant hope was approaching this broken world, one that would earn the world's name and it's history as if they where twins. The Dregorian Voyager, a mighty ship with but one goal, colonize distant starts. A dream shattered by a simple malfunction within the hyper drive mainframe that caused the passengers to live a thousand years in stasis until they finally arrived back at earth.

We, the Dregorians are their descendants.

Click here to read even more under the accordion The Blight - Dregora Lore

Credits & Honors

Content Credits:
- NLBlackEagle
- Einherjar (for names, idea's and nagging gikon when needed)
- Girlfriend for allowing me the time to work on this project!
- FastBurst for his Sunken Highway Collection!
- All participants in the Slaan project!

Special thanks to:
- Anarchy for hosting the map
- All the awesome players on the Anarchy map and Discord for their support and constructive critism!
- Pille for his awesome zombie.exe tool!
- Slaan for his awesome prefab pack ( esspecialy the roads! ) and the youtube tutorials!

Slaan Project:

Magoli - Compo Pack
Pille - Editor and amazing prefabs
Laz Man - more amazing prefabs
Reach Gaming - Play Testers and Advertising
Sundog - Moral Support
Guppycur - Excellent youtube guides
BigC90210 - Provider of hardware, Powershell guru
Not a Gamer Gaming - Youtubes and some amazing prefabs
Topminder - Nice prefab pack download
Hernan - amazing prefab